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Quick Tune Up

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I recommend you do a quick tune up if you bought a used car!
It's cheap and it will save you a headache later.

1. Spark plugs (go with iridium if you are not "turboing" your car).  
spark plug
2. Spark plug wires 8mm or thicker with silicon isolation.  
mx-5 igniton wires
3. Silicon vacuum hoses — they last "like" for ever. Diagram of vacuum lines should be on the inside of your hood.  
silicon vacuum hose
4. PCV valve — while you doing the hoses, you may as well change this too. It's cheep and it can smooth out some roughness out of the engine performance.  
PCV Miata
5. Oxygen sensor (O2). An aftermarket one costs about $19 and it can make a dramatic change.  
Miata O2 sensor

6a. Oil Change - If you ride hard put at least semi-synthetic, I drive hard and I use Torco SR-5 20w50 100% Synthetic.

1.6L - 3.6 quarts or liters
1.8L - 4.2 quarts or liters

and if you are "turboing" your engine, I recommend fully synthetic 20w50.

20w50 racing oil

6b. Oil Filter - Interesting thing to know, MX-5 engine comes from 1989 Mazda 323 Turbo in which they use a bigger oil filter, so it bolts right on and it has higher volume!!! :D Cheap upgrade.

I know that works in 1.6L not sure about 1.8L, please let me know.

MX-5 miata vs 323 oil filter swap
7. Transmission oil change, if you have no idea when it was changed last then most likely it was never changed. So do yourself a favor and put some synthetic and you will be good for a while. I use 75w90 2.1 quarts or liters.
75w90 gear oil
8. Differential fluid. Same as with transmission fluid, It's like a quart. I use 80w90 or 75w90.
How to instructions here
9. Brake and clutch fluid, If you don't feel like bleeding the whole system siphon out just the reservoirs and put some fresh fluid, I like fully synthetic.  
miata cluch and brake reservuar
10. Power Steering fluid, same thing siphon the reservoir out and refill it.  
MX-5 power steering reservuar


I do the whole fluid change every other oil change, I know it is a bit obsessive but I drive it hard so I like to keep my car happy.



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