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Rear Diff Fluid Change

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All you need is a monkey wrench and a bottle of gear oil.

Here is what I use:

 monkey wrench

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It's basically super easy, so don't get intimidated.


Using the wrench, unscrew the lower screw and have something to catch the old oil with. Once the fluid drains out, plug it. I personally put a super thin layer of silicone on the outer part where the screw goes in (you can see the old piece hanging down).

Once the screw is tightened, go to the next step.


Draining Rear Diff

Click the image to enlarge


Unscrew the top screw and use a funnel (or if the bottle has a pointy top) to fill the pumpkin until it starts flowing over. Then put the screw back in and thighten it.

And now you are ready to do some burn outs.

Piece of cake, or pumpkin in this case.

I do it every 10,000 miles. I know it's a bit obsessive but it's a small price for peace of mind.


Filling Rear diff in  miata

Click the image to enlarge


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