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MX super 5 miata
• New T-shirt design
  MX Super 5
• New T-shirt design
    Miata, Viper, British car joke
miata sunset

• New gallery from KINOD 8th Anniversary Miata Meet

miata at sema
• Photos from SEMA 2013
Mazda MX5 Miata Coolant Reroute
• New video for our Mini Coolant Reroute
Fixing plastic dipstick handle
• New tech tip, how to Fix plastic dipstick handle
• New T-shirt design
  Blue Streak Miata

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Please send me more tips, pictures and movies so the site may grow

A few words about the site (it's a work in progress) :

I started this website for all the fans of the MX-5 (I don't care if you call it Miata or Eunos Roadster -- to keep it every one happy I will call it MX-5). Mostly I will focus on modified cars. I am a big fan of DIY and inventing new stuff.

I will have a lot of technical tips, from little tips like how to open the fuel tank to how to install a turbo and tune fuel maps.

The Showcase will be made out of modified Miata images, cool videos, and wallpapers.

In the Locator, I will have a map that the fans of the MX-5s will be able to find each other.

Anyone will be able to contact me and ask me any questions or send posting ideas.

I will have a section for my MX-5 history, experiments on my car and goals for it.

Finally, I will try to have a bunch of useful links for you MX-5 folks.

So, please enjoy and let me know how can I improve this website.

MX-5 Unleashed - For all DIY miata projects and more

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