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In this store I will sell only things I use my self or are the highest quality.

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Miata oil additve

MPZ Magnetic Friction Reducer

I love this stuff and here is some technical data:

MPZ Magnetic Friction Reducer is the same race proven, friction reducing technology in every Torco "Professional Series" motor oil. MPZ MFR is a key component to reducing frictional losses and when added to other brands of motor oil can increase horsepower and torque by as much as 1%-3%. This directly translates to improved fuel efficiency (as much as 6.3% during city driving and 8.5% during highway driving conditions), improved component durability, reduced operating temperatures, reduce oil degradation and peace of mind. Compatible with all synthetics, synthetic blends and petroleum based motor oils.

Miata Zinc Oil Addtive ZEP

Zinc Oil Additive ZEP

If you need a extra Zinc in you oil diet, this is the best additive for any car:

Modern motor oils meeting API SL and specifically category SM do not contain enough zinc additive to assure proper anti-wear protection of high performance engines. The addition of ZEP to any modern motor oil will put back the proper amount of Zinc Dialkyl-Dithiophosphate (ZDDP) purposely taken out to be catalytic converter friendly. ZEP coats all engine parts and won’t rub, scrape or scrub off so that it protects engines that are occasionally used from “dry starts”, a leading cause of premature engine wear of vehicles kept in storage. One 12oz. bottle treats 6 quarts or liters of motor oil

Miata oil additive

SEP catalatic converters safe

Great oil additive for street cars.

SR-1 additive is engineered with gen II MPZ to provide anti-wear and friction fighting chemistry necessary to protect the engines in street performance cars and trucks equipment with catalatic converters. SR-1 additive is save for catalatic converts.
SR additive is scuff proof, and provides protection from dry starts, a leading cause of engine damage.

miata racing oil

SR-5 100% Synthetic Oils around $20 per liter

This is my favorite oil, I use it all the time. Plus it has MPZ already in it! 20w50 is best for turbos and high heat.

Developed under the most severe racing conditions, Torco SR-5 offers the highest level of performance and protection for highly modified race engines. SR-5 utilizes Group IV/V synthetic base oil chemistries and additive technologies engineered to with stand extreme loads, constant severe temperatures and maximum engine revolutions. SR-5 utilizes Torco's race specific MPZ® technology which reduces frictional losses for maximizing horsepower and torque.

- Group IV/V 100% Synthetic Formulas
- Maximizes horsepower & torque output by as much as 4%
- Reduces engine temperatures
- Highest level of engine protection

miata syntetic oil

SR-1 100% Synthetic Oils around $11 per liter

SR-1 is a selective cross blend of highly advanced 100% synthetic base oils and proprietary additives aimed at power, fuel efficiency, and engine protection. SR-1's performance is not compromised by standardized additive technology or by our competitors' price points, it is simply a purpose built, specialty formula designed to exceed the demands of high performance Japanese, European and US sports cars.

A combination of Generation-2 MPZ and low friction base oils reduce frictional losses to increase horsepower and torque by as much as 3%. A premium polymer and additive system controls viscosity for long term durability, maximum engine protection and eliminate engine deposits.

Torco SR-1 is the ultimate in high performance synthetic motor oil technology. No other synthetic motor oil meets the performance and protection benefits of SR-1.

- 100% Synthetic Formula
- Generation-2 MPZ frictional loss technology
- Increases horsepower & torque
- Reduces operating temperatures
- Advanced engine protection

miata Synthetic Gear Oil

Synthetic Gear Oil SGO

This is the stuff I use in my gear box and differential and it works great.

SGO is designed to maximize power efficiency and provide the highest level of gear protection under the most severe speed and load conditions. It is formulated using a combination of Group IV/V synthetic base oil chemistries and additive technologies providing high shear resistance and 4-5 times the film strength of conventional oils. This combination of base oils and extreme pressure chemistries offer superior wear protection, improved power throughput, longer component life and prevents rust and oxidation

miata Limited Slip Additive

Limited Slip Additive

I love leaving to black stripes on an asphalt.

Torco Limited Slip Additives are formulated for use in limited-slip and posi-traction differentials to reduce hypoid gear noise and chatter. The formulation of Torco Limited Slip Additives modify clutch plate friction for applying and releasing clutch plates. Treatment level is 2% to 6% by volume. Not for GM cars,

octane booster miata

Torco Unleaded Accelerator

octane booster miataTorco Accelerator is not just another fuel additive, It's simply a RACE FUEL CONCENTRATE! With many of the same additives our winning race fuel possesses, Torco Accelerator is a blend of components which will transform the make up of premium pump gas to closely resemble race fuel.

Torco Accelerator will transform the make up of premium pump gas to closely resemble race fuel. Creates greater efficiency…. more horsepower!

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