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Electrical Help/Diagrams

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miata fuse diagream
1990 Under dash
mx5 fuse diagram
1990 Engine Bay

97 miata
1997 Under dash

Few tips on soldering:

Most of the people never wonder how to join two wires together, they either solder them together or cramp them together. Well the problem with just soldering them together is that if the wire vibrates or flexes a lot, with time the copper will break off at the base of the weld. On the other hand cramping the wires give a bit more play to the wires but the problem is that you are cramping it with some other metal and you usually will not put heat shrink over the cramp. So with dissimilar metals and some moisture, you are laying down a welcome mat for corrosion.

Here is the way I found to work best.

1. Put heat shrink on one of the wires
2. Twist the wires
3. Solder only the tips together
4. Bend over the tips
5. Put heat shrink over and apply heat

All done.

how to solder
soldering wires
tops on soldering
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