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2010 • 24 LeMons at Firebird Raceway in AZ


turbo miata

24 LeMons at Firebird Raceway in Arizona

This race was dominated by a little MX-5 that was built out of two Miatas. From what I heard, one had a side collision and the other had a crashed front. They took the front from one and the rest from the other and welded it together.

The engine is turbo-charged, running a crazy PSI of four. The turbo sticks out of the engine bay way over the hood line (if the car had a hood). The turbo is mounted on a stock exhaust manifold that is flipped upside down and braced for strength. On the straightaways the turbo played its music beautifully like a screaming banchee.

The other interesting creation on that Miata was its Bugatti Vayron-like air brake/spoiler that was operated by the motor from the popup light and triggered by the brake light relay.

The team did a superlative job at the pit stops looking like a professional team out of Alice in Wonderland. The drivers did almost as well as the the pit team, the only mishap they had was running out of fuel.

In the end, they got their well deserved win.

Hope to see them next year.

More photos from the race here.

24 lemons pit stop
late braking mx-5
24 lemons first place trophy




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